Buy or sell tickets for various events categories on Loudna. Its easy, Secure and instant. The husstle of printing, delivering and keeping paper tickets is over

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We create a stong bond between event organisers and attendees. Organisers create events, we promeote it to potential attendees and allow them to buy tickets from wherever they are

Fully Secured

No one can see or withdraw your money except you. A ticket is generated when payment is successiful. No duplicates

Cost efective

Save your transport money that you would spend to pick or deliver a ticket. More to save is your time.

Easy to keep

You can't loose your ticket since it is stored on server. You can access it from anywhere you go

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We have a high acceptance rate by our new customers and this is because we listen to their needs and implement them as they are required.


Comedian and organiser

Organiser of Life forcer comedy event series.

Loudna is a great app, It allows you to focus on event preparation knowing tickets are already automated.


Review By Dr Hilary Okello

Comedian and organiser

Organiser of Happy people comedy events

I found the app easy to use and it greatly helps in tickets delivery

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Our app is so simple to use as shown below in screenshots.

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