We are loudna

We help individuals, agents, media
to talk to the world

Through technology, we enable seamless communication between individuals and the rest of the world. Through this platform, a media agent can submit announcements and adverts collected from the community to different media houses by just a click of a button. Individuals too can make their announcements and adverts directly.

We have won hearts of millions

We have made announcements instant, audible.

With good service and customer care, we have guided millions on how to communicate better through reliable announcements.

  • 75000+

    Announcements delivered

  • 300+

    Media houses

  • 9000000+


Easy to get started

Robust, Creative mobile platform

Our application is simple to use. Once installed, you will only need to login once and start sending announcements and adverts to millions of media houses around the world. This will enable you to reach your target audience wherever they are.

Simple Steps

How it works

Collect information, Publish content on your timeline, Tag media houses to announce for you, pay them through mobile money

Collect information

Publish content on your timeline

Tag media houses to announce for you

pay them with mobile money

We are in-touch with leading media houses

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